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CloseOnline Surveys

It's nice to be asked.

Feedback from your customers can be invaluable and online surveys offer a great way to get meaningful results.

We all know that it's much more cost effective to spend time and effort retaining our existing customers than it is to spend money gaining new clients. Our survey systems enables you to contact groups of any size, even just one customer to find out their views on your products and services. You are in total control and can set up the questionnaires yourself. Contact us to find out more.

CloseEvent Registration & Tracking

Whether you're planning a monthly meeting, workshops, training days or a conference we can provide you with online registration tools that will lighten the load. For most clients we use a proven, third party package that is simple to use and copes well with most types of events. Our role is to set up the application on your behalf and apply the branding to match your own.

Further integration with your own systems is possible as well. The package is simple to use and enables you to invite groups of people by email, receive notification of registrations, provide a range of different tickets, have early bird discounts and track all the registrations you receive.

Reports are included which enable you to print delegate lists etc and of course, all of the information gathered can be easily exported by you in a variety of common formats for use in Excel and other popular office systems.

CloseEmail Marketing

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for increasing sales and delivering your message in an extremely cost effective way. Not only can you cut costs dramatically compared with traditional postal campaigns, you can also slash campaign set up times and track responses via meaningful reports.

However, compliance with anti-spam laws and other legal issues, as well as the technical skills required to make sure that your email looks good no matter which version of email client or web mail your customers use to view your message, can make sending an email to a few hundred or thousands of people an absolute minefield.

Other issues you may have to deal with include dealing with people unsubscribing, dead or mistyped email addresses bouncing back or hundreds of "out of office" responses flooding back to your inbox.

Our email marketing system provides the tools to cover all these eventualities so that all you have to do is create your email, send it and process the orders from your customers.

CloseArtists' Portfolios & Galleries

Whether you're an artist, photographer, art dealer or run a gallery we have the right tools to let the web site take a back seat and let your art do the talking. Upload batches of pictures easily for public or private viewing. Arrange your archive into galleries.

Contact us for details of our demonstration site designed specifically for people who wish to display their portfolio to best effect.

CloseMembership Associations

BlueClock has been creating web sites and applications for membership associations, trade associations and European federations since 1999.

Whether you require a basic web presence to promote your activities and members or a full blown administration system, we can help.

CloseDiscussion Fora

Do you want to open a debate amongst your members, or create a support community for your customers? Discussion fora are back! The new, best-in-breed discussion fora are usable, useful and can provide added value for your customers and members.


If you're ready to set up shop we can help you get online and start taking credit card payments. Whether you simply want to sell merchandise in addition to your day-to-day activities or you want a full-blown online shopping and marketing system, we can help.

CloseProfessional Blogging

"Content is king"(still).

There are a whole plethora of search engine optimisation tips and tricks, but the most effective method is still to have a standards compliant web site with good quality, relevant content and as many other web sites and directories linking to you as possible.

Organisations often have difficulty generating and adding more content to their web site and a company blog can help overcome this problem. Blog writing is more informal that the kind of corporate copy often seen on most web sites. Blogs are often used to preview or share ideas and thoughts. The thought of being more open about your company's ideas and future direction may seem a little daunting. Your marketing or legal department may even be resistant to it, but a well thought out strategy with solid guidelines will be sure to increase traffic to your site and raise the profile of your organisation.

If you're new to blogging, it is simply a means of publishing articles on an ad hoc basis and arranging them chronologically (like a diary) and by theme. Blogs tend to have subscribers that are interested in the topic you write about and who, if you like, can add comments to the articles you write.

BlueClock is a web design company based in Brussels that is passionate about simple web design that works for you and your customers.

We provide a complete service from domain name registration and hosting, to bespoke web development and training.

We are committed to observing best practice in web standards, accessibility and usability in our projects. This ensures the future viability of your web site while reaching the widest possible audience.

We can provide you with more than just a web site ... we provide you with the online tools needed to achieve your business or project aims. Some of our main services are listed above, but please, get in touch for advice, whatever the project.

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Web analytics is a complex business and depending on how you measure traffic, you can come up with some wildly differing results. Like any kind of statistics, the raw information that you are provided with is largely neutral, it’s what you extrapolate from the data that matters. Forget About The Home Page I’ve recently been analysing traffic [...]

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It’s been a busy month launching new web sites, creating surveys and writing proposals for clients, but I’ve finally had a window of opportunity to start writing again. The next month looks like it’s going to be really interesting on the browser front as a slew of new versions are released, the new Mozilla messaging company [...]

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Is PHP The Server-Side Equivalent of Internet Explorer?

Let me explain. Internet Explorer (particularly IE6) is accused of holding back the web. When it was launched in 2001, it was was very advanced and the number of web designers created standards based web sites was negligible so it’s lack of standards compliance wasn’t such an issue. Since then though, other browsers have raced ahead [...]

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S3 Fox - Free Fridays #11

Amazon S3 is an online storage service which is blisteringly fast and ridiculously low cost. You can store and transfer Gigabytes of data using their service and you’ll end up with monthly bill in single dollar figures. It sound greats, and it is, but it is just a service and a bare bones service at that. [...]

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Plugg Start Up Awards - One Week Left

Registration for the Plugg Start-Up of the Year Award 2008 closes on Friday the 8th of February. If you’ve recently started a European web venture, you’ve got one week left to enter. So get your skates on. As if you don’t already have enough on your plate starting up a new venture! Full details of the awards [...]

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